Monday, February 2, 2009

Getting Handy: La Mer The Hand Treatment

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My latest indulgence? A hand cream that leaves hands so soft, so silky, so utterly smooth, I think I'd walk to the end of the earth for more. It's none other than La Mer The Hand Treatment.

My skin has literally never felt silkier. Not even a dime-sized amount is enough for both hands, which are left feeling satiny and supple. Even the horribly cold temperatures in New York recently haven't been a match for this stuff. A blend of seaweed, magnetized water with marine and vitamin-derived ingredients, and La Mer's exclusive Skin Lightening Complex all work to make your skin the softest and smoothest it could possibly be.

Not one to avoid sharing my products -- even the most high-class like this one -- I let both my mom and my BFF David try it out recently. And you know what? The reaction from both was the same as mine ... as they smoothed it into their skin, they both just said, "Ohhh, yes." Does it get any better?

La Mer The Hand Treatment is $75 at


  1. I am obsessed with Hand Lotion, but $70 seems like too much to spend. Is it worth it?

  2. I had a hand therapy specialist after surgery on my hands, and I saw results using the Max Powers Scar Serum. My scaring was very minimal, compared to others, who had similar surgeries, I had 6, on my left hand. I rubbed the cream in and kept it moist. A year later, it is hardly visible to the naked eye. I have to look hard to find the scars. Previous surgeries, did not do as well, I didn't use the cream. Had surgery this year, again. Using the scar serum. It helps for dry skin as well.