Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trend-Filled Thursdays: Pink Products

Now, I'll be the first to admit it. I don't like Valentine's Day. Seriously. In high school, my BFF Katie and I declared it "stupid day." We walked around in grey sweatpants, grey sweatshirts and talked about how stupid the holiday was from start to finish. (We also sent each other Candygrams, but that was just to give us a sugar rush in the middle of biology.)

But you know what? I'm getting into the spirit a bit this year. Because tons of companies have come out with some of the cutest, prettiest pink products around ... and when that happens, you just have to say, "It's okay, Valentine's Day! I heart you!" Check out my favorite pink products after the jump.

Gillette, Gillette Venus Spa Breeze, Gillette razor
Gillette Venus Spa Breeze ($7.50 at I already told you about the amazingness of the Breeze. (For a reminder, click here.) Well, this is the latest addition to the Breeze family. It's still got the shave gel bars, it still leaves you with the smoothest shave imaginable ... but it's the prettiest shade of pale pink, and it's formulated with white tea, so it smells unbelievable! You won't want to get in your shower without it.

NARS, NARS eyeshadow, NARS eye shadow, NARS makeup, NARS Single Eyeshadow Baby Girl, makeup, eye makeup, eyeshadow, eye shadow
NARS Single Eyeshadow in Baby Girl ($24 at I'm a NARS junkie, which means I relish every opportunity to try each product the brand comes out with. And this gorgeous eyeshadow has a sparkle factor similar to Super Orgasm, which just means it's become my new staple.

Deborah Lippmann, Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer My Romance, Deborah Lippmann nail polish, nails
Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in My Romance ($16 at The perfect sheer pink? This is it. It's got just enough depth to be seen on the nail without looking offensive whether you work in finance or fashion. And I'd say it's the perfect Valentine's Day date color!

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  1. I loved this post! I'm the original pink fanatic, and I'm always excited to read about fun pink products. I have a pink appliance kitchen,and just adore it (I've blogged about it, of course). Thanks for a perfectly peachy pink post!