Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eve's Watermelon Pedicure: The Summer's Must Have!

Want to know what this beauty chick will be sporting on her toes this summer? The Watermelon Pedicure from Eve, of course! Check out this tasty treat that the NYC spa is offering up this summer ... a pedicure inspired by the sights and scents of summer. You'll get to soak in a luscious watermelon-scented salt bath, slough away dead skin with an oil-infused scrub, and then you'll be treated to a massage with a delectable watermelon-scented moisturizing cream! Plus, you'll have the option of getting watermelon nail art (as seen above) or just a basic pedi with the color of your choice.

And as if that's not all ... every Monday from 4-8pm the spa is offering a complimentary martini from 4-8pm with the purchase of a Watermelon Pedicure! How could you resist?

And in case you want to know what I think of Eve in general ... it's fabulous! Wait with bated breath because my review of the Classic European Manicure and Pedicure will be coming up shortly!

The Watermelon Pedicure is available throughout June and July. It's $39 for 45-60 minutes. Call Eve (212-807-8054) to book an appointment.

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