Thursday, July 23, 2009

Best Summer Body Wash Series: Clinique Happy Heart Body Wash

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The Best Summer Body Wash Series features the body washes and shower gels that will thrill and delight you all summer long.

Some products are just named so aptly, I want to shake the hand of the person who did it. Such is the case with Clinique Happy Heart Body Wash -- and the entire Clinique Happy Heart collection, come to think of it. Because every time I lather up with this aromatic fantasy of a body wash, a huge smile appears on my face and I just feel utterly blissful.

This is a case of another unassuming-looking tube that ends up delivering an unbelievably amazing product. Notes of water hyacinth, mandarin and blond woods are the most present here, with subtle hints of cucumber and yellow primrose peeking through. The result is a fresh, youthful and vibrant fragrance that just delights and captivates the senses beautifully.

It can even be used as a bubble bath -- which, trust me, if I had a bathtub (I'm cursed with only a stall shower), I'd be taking bubble baths nightly with the stuff.

Clinique Happy Heart Body Wash retails for $30 at

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