Saturday, September 26, 2009

Get Whiter and Brighter with SK-II Whitening Source Intensive Mask

SK-II, skincare, skin, mask, face mask, skin care, face, facial, Whitening Source Intensive Mask, whiten, brighten, brightMy roommate and I don't really have too many secrets from each other. But the one thing I keep from him is the fact that I use face masks. I always do it in the comfort of my room with the door closed -- there is nothing more embarrassing to me than having him come into the living room and see me sitting on the couch with a mask stuck on my face watching an old episode of Friends. But I think I might be willing to make an exception for my new best friend -- the SK-II Whitening Source Intensive Mask.

Now, this mask is so amazing that I've actually already lauded its strengths. (You can read about it here.) But it's worth repeating because of how unbelievable it made my skin look this week. After quite a stressful week, my skin was looking pretty darn lackluster. No brightness to be had, no beauty to be found. We're talking completely and utterly dull with no signs of life.

But 15 minutes with this mask and things were looking up. All of a sudden my skin was drenched with moisture! It was revitalized, rejuvenated and completely reinvigorated. Now I'm back to my normal glowy self -- and realizing that I'd better stock up on these masks or else I run the risk of sinking back into dullness. And maybe, just maybe, I'll let my roommate see me wearing one.

The SK-II Whitening Source Intensive Mask is $150 for a box of 10 masks.

Disclosure: This product was furnished by a PR representative for SK-II.


  1. I haven't tried this one (yet!), but in general, I've found the SK-II masks I've tried to be excellent. Pricey, but worth it.

  2. this mask looks amazing!!! i would love to try it out once i can find $150! haha... i really like SK-II products!