Sunday, September 27, 2009

Want Good Hair? Head to Ernie at Riccardo Maggiore Salon

Riccardo Maggiore Salon, hair, blowout, salon, New York Salon, best blowoutI've gotten many a blowout in my day. Some good, some bad, some amazing. Ernie at the Riccardo Maggiore Salon is one of the best. My recent blowout with him left my tresses soft, sleek and so shiny, I got compliments for three days!

To begin with, he used Moroccanoil. I was pretty thrilled to finally have the chance to try it. Ernie told me this has become his go-to favorite product. When I asked him why, he said it's because he has never found another product that makes every single hair type look amazing. Straight, curly, thick or thin, he thinks it transforms locks into things of beauty.

And you know what? He was right. A mere 25 minutes in his chair and my hair went from huge, kinky and coarse to super-straight and sleek -- but with a bounce to it that even my timeless work with blowdryers and flat irons just can't achieve. I was, to put it mildly, impressed. Needless to say I will become a regular client of Ernie's!

Blowouts at the Riccardo Maggiore Salon range from $60-$85. Visit or call 212-586-6482 for more information or to make an appointment.

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