Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Pumpkin Pedicure at Just Calm Down Spa = Pure Bliss!

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Quick post from my phone, fellow beauty chicks -- because I simply couldn't wait to tell you about the amazing Pumpkin Pedicure at Just Calm Down Spa! Part of the Sweet Shoppe series -- which I love due to the old-timey spelling -- it's absolutely delectable and mouth-watering. After soaking my feet in a tub of marshmallow-filled pumpkin goodness, my gams were scrubbed and buffed to perfection before two coats of SpaRitual's The Giving Tree (a gorgeous mulberry) were painstakingly applied. And the new space, with its overstuffed wicker armchairs and garden terrace feel, is totally adorable to boot!

The Pumpkin Pedicure at Just Calm Down is $50 during Spa Week. It normally costs $85. Visit for more information.

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