Sunday, October 18, 2009

Get Naked: Bliss Naked Body Butter

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As soon as temperatures drop below 50, my hands start to chap. They turn red, crack and start to peel within minutes. Seriously! Luckily, Bliss Naked Body Butter saves the day immediately.

While I love a beautifully fragranced cream for my legs, I tend to like non-scented lotions and moisturizers for my hands. Bliss Naked Body Butter is fragrance-free, so there's no cloying aroma that lingers annoyingly. Plus it sinks into skin immediately, leaving it hydrated for hours on end. Ingredients like Vitamins A and E (to combat free radicals), sodium hylauronate, arnica montana extract (for healing), and coconut oil (for moisturizing purposes), along with plenty of antioxidants, truly make this cream a must-have.

Bliss Naked Body Butter retails for $29 at

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