Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beauty Question: What Was Your Biggest Beauty Splurge This Year?

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As the year comes to a close, it only stands to reason that we would reflect on what's past. I got to thinking about beauty splurges, and I want to know -- what was your biggest beauty splurge this year? Mine was definitely my Diptyque Violette Scented Candle. At $65 at, it's the most I've ever plunked down for a single candle -- and it's been totally, completely worth it.

Let me know your beauty splurges in the comments!


  1. I started to use Armani foundation and I am totally addicted. I'm on my second bottle so far and I bought the all-natual brush, so I would say, so far I have spent upwards of $'s so worth it though!

  2. Splurge #1 was a mini-spree at a MAC counter for a friend, including a Lipglass purchase inspired by Jamie. The splurge of the New Year may involve goods from the Somme Institute that are like a fountain of youth.