Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Obsession of the Moment: Guerlain Sublime Radiant Powder

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I've always wished that I could have a vanity of pure beauty, elegance and grace. And while I love my products, not every one has beautiful packaging. Not so with Guerlain Sublime Radiant Powder. The lace-lacquered gold bottle is accompanied by a sweeping, swirling black tassel atomizer -- perfect for bringing a vintage-inspired feel to my vanity.

And what's inside, you may wonder? Sprinkles and sparkles of diamond-like gold powder that brings subtle shimmer and radiance to the face and decollete. Perfect for a night out on the town.

Unfortunately, Guerlain Sublime Radiant Powder was a limited-edition product from the holiday collection and is no longer available.


  1. I was wondering, can the bottle be reused when its empty?

    1. That's actually a great question! I hadn't thought about it. I would say you can at least keep it as something beautiful for your vanity, but I wouldn't see why you can't reuse it as well!