Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Treat Your Tresses Right: Shu Uemura Moisture Velvet Treatment at Butterfly Studio

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Recently, I had the pleasure of checking out New York's Butterfly Studio. I'd been curious about the space for quite awhile -- I kept seeing it pop up in various magazines and blogs, and it always sounded amazing. Luckily, I had the absolute best experience! The fabulous Eli Santos gave me the Shu Uemura Moisture Velvet Treatment, and WOW. My tresses have never been softer!

To begin, the space is beautiful. You walk into an open oasis with glassed-in treatment rooms and rows of fun wooden salon chairs lining tons of oversized mirrors. It's busy but doesn't feel crazy -- and each person there treats you like family. I was greeted with a smile and a kind word, which in this city goes a long way! After relaxing in the lounge, I was greeted by Eli and led to the private treatment room, where she examined my hair and determined that the Shu Uemura Moisture Velvet Treatment would be the best for my locks.

This is where the fun began. Eli began by coating my dry strands with Shu Uemura FUYU Eucalyptus Scalp Cleanser and then washed them twice with Shu Uemura Moisture Velvet Shampoo. She followed with the treatment, which included mixing camellia oil with an enriched conditioning base.

While the treatment sank into my strands, I was given an amazing upper body massage -- scalp, neck and shoulders -- and then led to the Micromist Machine, where I sat for 10 minutes and got an arm massage. The micromist machine helped the treatment to penetrate deep into the hair cortex and open the hair cuticles, while a cool mist at the end sealed in the treatment. Eli then washed the treatment out of my hair and led me to one of the stylists, who gave me the most fabulous bouncy blowout.

At the end of the treatment -- and for days and days afterward? My hair was shiny, bouncy and touchably soft. I've never felt anything like it!

The Shu Uemura Moisture Velvet Treatment is $75 for 45 minutes. Call 212-253-2100 or visit butterflystudiosalon.com for more information.

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