Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beauty Question: What's Your Biggest Indulgence?

massage, spa, indulge, indulgence, beauty questionThere's always that one thing that we continue to splurge on, again and again. Whether it's a product or a service ... and no matter how many times people may say we're crazy! ... we just can't help ourselves. For this beauty chick, it's massages. I've been known to get them two or three times in one week -- granted, it was to try and help my massive migraines, but still -- I just can't get enough. I like to try out various spas around the city, and my go-to treatment is always a massage. And yes, I've spent upwards of $200 or more for 90 minutes of sheer and utter bliss. It's definitely my biggest indulgence.

So my beauty question today is this: What's your biggest indulgence? Whether it's a Chanel lipgloss, a La Mer moisturizer or a weekly pedicure, there are no judgments here. Let me know your indulgences in the comments!

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  1. Hands down it's bath and body products! And shoes! Nice blog btw!