Monday, March 1, 2010

Turning Brown Locks Into Auburn: The INOA Haircolor Experience with Jan-Marie Arteca

Growing up, my friend Marci had the most covetable hair on the planet. Since I was about 10, I've been dying to cop her auburn locks. And finally, with the help of my fab haircolorist Jan-Marie Arteca and the new INOA haircolor, my dream has become a reality.

What is INOA, you may ask? It's ammonia-free haircolor -- so it doesn't sting or leave behind that awful smell you get from most coloring agents. Truth be told, it has a fresh, almost floral-like aroma that's really quite pleasant. INOA also lightens color up to 3 levels, gives exceptionally even color from root to tip, and even makes hair softer and smoother within 11 applications. Best of all, it comes in 49 different shades -- so you can definitely find the one that's right for you.

When I settled into Jan-Marie's chair this past Saturday, I immediately knew I wanted to go auburn. Nothing against my dark brown locks, but 20+ years of coveting Marci's auburn tresses had finally come to a close. After stripping the demi-permanent color we did over a month ago, Jan-Marie meticulously applied the INOA color -- which she was quick to point out has a much thicker texture than normal haircolor, almost a mud mask-like consistency. She let the color sit for about 20 minutes, washed it out and VOILA! I was no longer a brunette.

I am DYING over my new auburn locks. Jan-Marie is a true genius -- I can't believe how amazing my hair looks. I finally feel like I have the color I've been coveting my whole life!

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