Thursday, April 22, 2010

What's Your Beauty Indulgence? Nonie Creme of butter LONDON Fills Us In.

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The What's Your Beauty Indulgence? feature gives you an inside look into the products that my fellow industry insiders hold in highest regard. Be it a moisturizer or a lipgloss, a styling tool or a candle, these products aren't to be missed.

Have you heard of the fabulous polish line, butter LONDON? The nail polishes are unbelievable -- and the woman behind it all, Nonie Creme, is amazing! I've had the great fortune to see her in action at Fashion Week for shows like Betsey Johnson and Vena Cava, and her bubbly personality is truly unmatched. In her own words, here's Nonie's beauty indulgence.

My beauty indulgence is not terribly indulgent price-wise, and YES, I know, it’s from butter LONDON’s collection, but I can’t help myself. We just launched a range of Luxury Lotions in Black Tea, Champagne and Country Garden, which I keep by my shower. I’m really into experimenting with a different scent each day, and wear these top to toe for a beautiful, soft scent and skin.

Today I’m wearing Champagne, which people just love so far, but I think my personality suits the Black Tea best. It’s quite masculine and exotic. (Errr, not that I am, despite my bloke-y hairstyle!) My skin has never felt better, and is especially transformed if I start with a vigorous body brushing session before showering. It’s supposed to help with cellulite, but my bum still looks like the surface of the moon. (Pun absolutely intended!) Skin feels fab though.

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