Friday, October 22, 2010

Beauty Question: What Do You Do for Really Dry Skin?

So recently I got a facial at Christine Chin, which I'd been wanting to check out for quite some time. I was really excited, until I got there and was told I'd be having microdermabrasion. Let me preface this with two statements:

1) I have fairly good skin to begin with
2) My skin is unbelievably sensitive

So of course I was nervous about microdermabrasion. But I went along with it, because, hey -- this aesthetician was a pro.

Well, that was my mistake. Ever since, my skin has been drier than the Sahara. I've tried serums, masks, moisturizers -- no matter what, my face just doesn't look the same. I don't know what to do.

Which brings me to my beauty question -- what do you do for really dry skin? Inquiring minds really, really want to know. Let me know your tips and tricks in the comments!


  1. I've been there before. I'd simplify everything and just stick with a basic, creamy cleanser and moisturizer such as Eucerin Q10 Sensitive Skin (white tub). This moisturizer has replaced even beloved my La Mer when I'm irritated and super dry. Also, make sure your sunscreen is super gentle. A physical one (Zinc Oxide or Titanium Oxide) will be less irritating than a chemical-based one. Hang in there and this will pass!

  2. GENTLE GENTLE GENTLE! Dont use anything harsh. First Aid Beauty has some of the best stuff ever. Including an AMAZING cleanser that moisturizes like no other. In the winter my dry skin gets really bad. I use their FAB Ultra Repair Cream!

  3. cera ve makes a lovely creamy cleanser and moisturizer which you can find in the drug store. it is fragrance fee, formulated for sensitive skin and more elegant than the old stanby cetaphil. also a good quality oil such as argon, grapeseed, or even extra virgin olive oil will help.

    i have been there sister - sensitive, dry, rosacea prone skin.

  4. i love the SOS cream Guerlain has... i'm sure it would save your skin as it saved mine!!