Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hair Confessional: Do You Cheat On Your Stylist?

Confession: I used to be a hair cheater. I went to different salons every time I got my hair cut or colored, trying out a new stylist every few months to see whether I could find someone better. And then my colorist, Jan-Marie Arteca, came along.

Instantly, my coloring life took a turn for the better. Gone were the days of cheating on my stylist -- because, with Jan-Marie, my color looks stunning each and every time. She continuously knows what to do with my color that punches it up, brings it new life and vibrancy, and keeps things interesting. And she's SMART. All I have to say is, "RED!" -- and Jan-Marie knows exactly what to do. Seriously, she's a color GENIUS.

Sadly, I'm not coloring my hair while I'm out of work -- gotta be able to pay my rent, after all! -- but as soon as a new job comes along, you'd better believe I'm going back to Jan-Marie for more.

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  1. I am a member of the Jan Marie fanclub too, all thanks to you.

    Redheads unite! :)

  2. "Hair Cheaters" are people that just haven't found someone that they truly connect with. Once you find that person...there's no going back! :)