Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beauty Question: What Was Your First Memorable Spa Experience?

At the spa that day, post-massage. I looked so relaxed, my friend Lisa had to snap a photo!
It was 2005, and my best friend was getting married. We decided to do a spa day at Cleveland's John Robert's Spa for her bachelorette party, and -- while I was already well-versed in beauty by that point -- GASP! I had never had a massage.

Yes, Jamie, the girl who lives and breathes by massages, had never experienced one before August 2005. To think back on the time feels like utter blasphemy! Thankfully, I've more than made up for my lack of massage time prior to 2005 in the years that have followed.

But there was something special about that spa experience, maybe because it was the first time I got a massage -- to this day, I search high and low for one that could be that amazing, but the subsequent massages I've gotten have never quite lived up to the very first one. And, in another shocker, my massage that day was only 30 minutes -- and I fell asleep on the table.

What was your first memorable spa experience? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I had never been to the spa or gotten a massage until a former roommate of mine invited me. A wealthy exboyfriend had given her a gift certificate a few years ago, and she finally wanted to use it. It covered my massage and her facial. It was ah-mazing. I wish it could have lasted longer than an hour, but I was also really nervous never had gotten one before. I spent the whole night before googling.