Monday, March 14, 2011

My Experience with Laser Hair Removal at Completely Bare, Volume 2

Completely Bare, laser hair removal, hair removalWhile I'm a fan of the dark hair on my head, when it comes to my underarms, all bets are off. I despise having to shave every day, and I finally decided to do something about it ... I'm taking the plunge and trying laser hair removal at Completely Bare! Follow my journey over the next several months as I chronicle the progress!

This past Saturday was my second laser hair removal session with the fabulous Ildi. I actually went a week ago, but had to come back -- because, unbeknownst to me, I had shaved too close to the session and Ildi couldn't see the roots well enough! Lesson learned -- go a few days between shaves when the laser appointment is coming up.

In any case, Ildi took one look at the progress since the first session and said I'm actually further along than almost any other client she's worked with! She was really impressed at how much the hair has lessened in just one session.

I have to say that I'm really pleased with the results thus far as well. About two weeks after my first session, I already noticed a decrease in both the amount of hair growing back and the time it took to come in. Where I was shaving once or even twice a day before, now I can go up to three days in between shaves with nary a hair to be seen!

The second session was a lot easier than the first, now that I knew what to expect. I slipped on the protective sunglasses (to shield my eyes from the light) and let Ildi get to work. She zapped each underarm about 10 times -- again, like the first time, it wasn't painful, just quick pricks that were done in about one second!

I'm really excited to see how much better my underarms continue to look. Check back in late April for Volume 3 of my laser hair removal experience!

Disclosure: This session was provided free of charge by Completely Bare for potential review.


  1. I also done a laser hair removal two years ago and so I got rid of my unwanted the beginning I was skeptical but now I can say that this procedure really works...I warmly recommend it!

  2. Laser hair removal can treat any area and provide same results, the only difference is the number of sessions required. For the underarm area, I needed 6 sessions and even if most people say this area is very sensitive and the treatment will be painful my doctor from Skin Vitality did some magic or something because my treatment was painless. I think it depends where you do it because not all cosmetic clinics have experienced doctors and latest technology:P

  3. I made that mistake of shaving too close before I went - why don't they tell us that before we go! Couldn't be happier with the results though :)

  4. Very happy to read your story, i am also thinking of laser hair removal but what scares me is that this process is painful, my sister had it and she told me that the pain was severe and brought tears in her eyes, not sure if this is same with everyone.

  5. It is a bit doubtful method. Can take suggestions from those who have undergone it!

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