Friday, July 27, 2012

Nails Inc. Special Effects Sprinkles Collection Swatches

Nails Inc., Nails Inc. nail polish, Nails Inc. nail lacquer, Nails Inc. Special Effects, Nails Inc. Special Effects Sprinkles nail polish, Nails Inc. Special Effects Sprinkles Pudding Lane, Nails Inc. Special Effects Sprinkles Sweets Way, Nails Inc. Special Effects Sprinkles Topping Lane, nail, nails, nail polish, polish, lacquer, nail lacquer, mani, manicure, Nails Inc. mani, Nails Inc. manicureFor anyone with a sweet tooth, the Nails Inc. Special Effects Sprinkles Collection should be on your must-have list! Each of the four polishes in this collection are named after four of the most delicious streets in London -- and they look like candy sprinkles on your nails! Read more to get up close and personal with three of the four polishes from the collection. All are seen with two coats.

Sweets Way is a white base with pastel blue, pink and silver sparkles. I liked this one a lot more than I expected -- the various colors of sparkle really punch up a classic milky white, turning it into something different and unexpected.

Pudding Lane is a turquoise base with navy and gold glitter. I love the combination of turquoise and navy, and the addition of gold really punches up the contrast. I'm a sucker for an amazing blue nail polish, and this definitely fits the bill!

Topping Lane is a baby pink with mulberry, bluish purple and silver glitter. This was, surprisingly, my favorite of the three! I must be getting girlier, because pink nail polish is my new go-to. In any case, I found the application of this one the easiest, and I just love the combination of glitter colors -- I've never seen anything like this one!

I found that with all three of the nail polishes, application was easy and thoroughly covered the nail in just two coats. I was worried that the glitter might not really come through, which is a problem I have with a lot of chunkier glitters -- but a liberal amount came out with each coat. And this is just with two coats of each polish! Even after one, a lot of glitter was on the nail. I haven't seen anything like this collection and I think it's just so fun and perfect for really making a statement with your nails. I highly recommend all three colors!

The nail polishes in the Nails Inc. Special Effects Sprinkles Collection retail for $9.50 each at

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