Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Welcome to Heaven: Bliss High Intensity 24-"Heaven" Healing Body Balm

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There's a new body moisturizer in town, and its name is Bliss High Intensity 24-"Heaven" Healing Body Balm. This cream seriously puts all others to shame. It's rich, it's lush, it's thick, it's creamy ... in short, it's amazing.

Before I opened the generously sized tub (it's a massive 8 oz.), I expected it to be more of a greasy, medicinal-like balm than a cream. But upon opening the tub, I found a sweet-scented delight that reminded me of fluffy whipped cream! Formulated with lactic acid and colloidal oatmeal, this cream works to turn dry, cracked skin into a smooth expanse.

And I'm here to tell you it WORKS. My legs have been parched all summer, no matter what lotion or cream I was rubbing into them day and night. Within a matter of days, the ashiness is gone, replaced by glowing skin that feels softer and smoother than it had in weeks. AND, one application lasts for up to 24 hours! If I rub it on before bed, my skin is good to go for the entire next day. I've never had that happen.

In short? I think I've died and gone to heaven.

Bliss High Intensity 24-"Heaven" Healing Body Balm retails for $35 at blissworld.com.

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