Monday, August 20, 2012

How Handy: The Soap & Paper Factory Jasmine Hand Cream

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I originally wrote this post for StyleBakery Beauty, but simply had to repost here! I love this hand cream THAT much.

Strangely, I'm normally not a fan of scented lotion. I'm not even an everyday perfume wearer, but a lot of hand creams and moisturizers are scented so heavily that I feel like they overpower my fragrance, my body lotion and just my actual being. Not so with The Soap & Paper Factory Jasmine Hand Cream.

I love so many things about this hand cream. First of all, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I love the flowers and butterflies in vibrant colors adoring both the outer box and the actual lotion tube. They brighten up the nightstand, the coffee table, my purse ... anywhere I choose to bring this hand cream, which, recently, is everywhere!

But it's the hand cream itself that really takes the cake. It's light, lush and non-greasy and immediately sinks into the skin. The jasmine scent is gloriously fragrant but somehow not overpowering, so it just makes my skin smell subtly floral and mysteriously sexy. Only a small amount is needed to immediately transform skin into a soft, smooth expanse, even if it's previously been dry and cracking.

Is there anything not to love about this luxurious hand cream? My answer is certainly no.

The Soap & Paper Factory Jasmine Hand Cream retails for $18 at

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