Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mani of the Week: My Very First Jelly Sandwich Manicure!

I'm really excited about my manicure this week. I've long been wanting to try the jelly sandwich -- I just think it's such a cool idea, and a very easy way to do nail art. But for some reason, I just got around to it! So, presenting my very first jelly sandwich manicure.

For this manicure, I used the following two colors:

Zoya Katherine (a semi-sheer aubergine jelly from the Gloss collection)
NARS Arabesque (a baby pink glitter in a sheer base)

This is honestly one of the easiest manicures to do. After applying a base coat (my favorite is always CND Stickey), you simply paint the polishes over each other one layer at a time, starting with the jelly. Wait for each layer to dry before applying the next, and make sure your layers are on the thin side so they'll show through each other.

Depending on how sandwich-like your manicure looks after two coats of jelly and one coat of glitter, you may be able to stop. Mine was fairly sandwich-like already, but I decided to apply another sandwich layer, so the end result of layers went a little something like this:

Zoya Katherine
NARS Arabesque
Zoya Katherine
NARS Arabesque
Zoya Katherine

At that point, I was satisfied with how the manicure looked and finished it off with a layer of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat for extra shine. And that's all it takes!

Have you tried a jelly sandwich manicure? What colors did you use, and how did it turn out? Let me know in the comments!

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