Monday, November 5, 2012

Salon and Spa Directory: The Spa At The Hotel Hershey

Last week, I was magically transported to a chocolate wonderland. And let me tell you, Willy Wonka has nothing on The Spa At The Hotel Hershey.

Everything about the spa is absolutely divine -- and not only because many of the treatments include chocolate! From the moment you step off the elevator and walk into the magnificent lobby, you're in the most delicious world possible. I was lucky enough to experience two treatments at the spa, and I'm here to tell you they couldn't have been more fabulous if they'd tried.

My day began when I changed into a fluffy yellow robe and slippers and had the opportunity to choose one of three relaxation rooms -- the Aromatherapy Inhalation Room (on the day I was there, it smelled intoxicatingly of white tea), the Quiet Room (a large space where you can look out on the gardens, chatting quietly with your friends or reading one of the many magazines provided) or the Silent Relaxation Room (which is, as one might expect, silent). I decided upon the silent room, only because I really love to have quiet surrounding me when I'm readying myself for spa treatments. (Plus, since my friend Liz and I were the only ones in there, we were actually able to talk quietly to each other. Shh, don't tell anyone.) And, as if sitting in these luxurious surroundings isn't enough, you have the opportunity to eat delicious mini muffins and drink even more delicious hot chocolate while you wait! What could be better, right?

Well, I'll tell you what's better. The treatments themselves. I had signed up for the following two:

Cocoa Massage
A typical Swedish massage, but the therapist uses chocolate scented massage oil. If I tell you my stomach was grumbling throughout the treatment, would you believe me? It smelled absolutely incredible, but what was even more incredible was the massage itself. My therapist's hands were sure and strong, kneading every imaginable kink and knot from my muscles. I actually dozed off for a bit during the massage, which hasn't happened to me in quite some time! I appreciated that she spent the majority of time on my back and shoulders, as those are the places that are the most tense -- but even my calves, feet and hands were treated to the most blissful rubdown I've experienced in quite some time. I walked out of the room feeling relaxed and a bit like jelly!
Monday-Thursday: $125 for 50 minutes, $175 for 80 minutes. Friday-Sunday: $130 for 50 minutes, $180 for 80 minutes.

Cocoa Facial Experience
Where do I even begin with how amazing this facial is? It's more than a facial -- it really is an experience. It began with a warm foot bath, where I talked with my esthetician, Shannon, not only about my skin and concerns but I learn about how Milton Hershey and his wife's home inspired the spa itself! Then the treatment began, where I was slathered with tons of amazing creams, cleansers and scrubs that worked to make my skin glow from within. And then, the best part ... a chocolate-scented mask that was actually EDIBLE. That's right -- I could eat it! Well, not the whole mask -- but I was treated to as many spoonfuls applied to my lips as I wanted to lick. (I stopped at two, but to be honest, I could have had about 10, it tasted so incredible!)

Oh, and let's not forget the intense head massage and hair brushing ritual, the foot massage, the arm and hand massage ... basically, I got a full body rubdown while various parts of the treatment were underway! My skin, body and hair were all positively glowing by the time the facial was over.
Monday-Thursday: $165, Friday-Sunday: $170. Throughout the month of December, you can experience it for $140.

Enjoying my delicious Birthday Cake Martini in The Oasis!
After our treatments, Liz and I were treated to lunch in The Oasis. We dined in our robes, which was fabulous. Even more fabulous was the bounty of food before us! It was an elegant buffet of miniature wraps, salads, and, of course, delectable desserts. And I simply had to have the Birthday Cake Martini -- look how adorable it is! Lunch in The Oasis is $20, and reservations are required.

To summarize? A trip to The Spa At The Hotel Hershey is an absolute must when you're visiting Hershey. It's luxurious and amazing , and it will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated before you head to Hershey Park for the evening (which is what Liz and I did!).

To learn more about The Spa At The Hotel Hershey and all of the treatments offered, visit

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