Friday, February 28, 2014

Salon and Spa Directory: Exhale Spa

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Looking for one of the best spa experiences in NYC? Visit Exhale Spa. To be honest, I'm pretty surprised I hadn't written about the fabulousness of Exhale before. Sure, I'd written about Core Fusion, but how did I not ever discuss how wonderful the spa is? I'm rectifying that lapse in judgment right now.

I've been going to Exhale for over 5 years. I've gotten facials and massages, done waxing and even tried craniosacral therapy. And, hands down, this is one of the best spas not only in NYC, but anywhere. I've gone to all four of the NYC locations in addition to the Boston location, and you know what? Every single one is professional, attentive and absolutely perfect. The service is always impeccable and the staff couldn't be more wonderful if they tried. Each one has its own flavor, as the case may be. My favorites are definitely the Central Park South and Meatpacking locations, but you can't go wrong no matter which one you choose.

I'm partial to the massages and the facials here, and I think they're among the best of any spa I've encountered. During basically every massage I've had at Exhale, I've fallen asleep on the table within the first 10 minutes. My muscles are always looser and less filled with tension than before I came in, and isn't that the whole point of a massage?

My favorite massage therapist is Josh Weinstein (yes, the same name as the horrible person on Entourage; no, nothing like him in demeanor). His strokes are always fluid and sure, and he has a way of making me zone out and forget all my troubles while I'm on the table! I've been seeing him on and off for at least three years -- and, even though I've now left New York, I made sure to book an appointment with him when I was last there for work. If you can't get an appointment with Josh, though, you won't be disappointed no matter who you see.

And when it comes to facials? Every single esthetician has found a way to make my skin GLOW while ridding it of every single impurity, no matter how deep. My most recent facial was with Nessa Rapone, and my winter-ravaged skin went from dehydrated and pimple-ridden to nourished and refined in a matter of minutes, thanks to her gentle touch.

It seems every person at Exhale has magic hands. I honestly can't imagine what my life would be like without the occasional trip here! Plus, if you sign up for their email list, you might find some special surprises every so often (like the chance to save up to 25 percent on different treatments, perhaps).

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