Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Aww, Sugar Sugar: Target Large Sweet Spun Sugar Scented Soy Candle

Target, Target Large Sweet Spun Sugar Scented Soy Candle, home fragrance, cotton candy
I love cotton candy. A lot. Truthfully, eating it just makes me feel like a kid again ... plus, the mind boggling amount of spun sugar I ingest while doing so is glorious. So when I discovered the Large Sweet Spun Sugar Scented Soy Candle on a recent shopping trip to Target, I simply had to invest in it immediately.

First off, this candle smells EXACTLY like cotton candy ... so much so that I really have to force myself not to take a bite out of the wax! (So far, I've been successful.) But rather than smelling sickly sweet or fake, like so many cotton candy scented products do, this really does make you think of the sugary goodness. I'm actually quite surprised by how lifelike the scent really is!

Add to that the long burning time (50 hours!) and the soy wax that burns down evenly and cleanly, and I'm hooked. It's taking everything I have not to burn it every waking moment so it lasts for awhile! (Although I did burn it for at least 10 hours the very first weekend I brought it home.)

Oh, and don't believe my cotton candy obsession? This might change your mind...

Six Penn Kitchen, Six Penn Circus Dessert, cotton candy, Jamie Allison Sanders, Pittsburgh, restaurant, five star restaurant, luxury dining
Overwhelmed by the Six Penn Circus dessert at Six Penn Kitchen in Pittsburgh. The cotton candy was higher than my head! (And yes, those are whoopie pies and Cracker Jacks on the side.)

The Target Large Sweet Spun Sugar Scented Soy Candle retails for $10 at Target stores. (Not available online.)


  1. I LOVE the smell of this one too. SOOOOO good. However, mine does not burn clean or evenly. It has wax remaints up/down the glass as it burns down. I wish they would fix! But YASSSSS, smells so good you could almost bite it, LOL
    ~ LOTL