Friday, July 25, 2014

Lusts of the Week: Egyptian Magic Skin Cream & the Band-Aid Friction Block Stick

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You know those products that people have told you about over and over (and over) again ... but for one reason or another, you just never get around to trying them? Well, that's how I was with Band-Aid Friction Block Stick and Egyptian Magic Skin Cream. No matter how many times I heard how amazing they were, I just never picked them up. Until now, that is.

Egyptian Magic Skin Cream
This is a true miracle worker if I ever saw one. I'm normally not a fan of skin balms, as they can be quite slick. And be forewarned, this one does feel a bit greasy upon application -- but it will sink into skin within a few minutes, leaving behind a soft, smooth expanse that will make you wonder how you ever lived without this product in the first place. A combination of beeswax, honey, royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis extract and olive oil combine to create this balm that can be used anytime, anywhere, for just about anything ... from face cream and eye gel to a hair mask and burn treatment. I've just been using it as a moisturizer on my hands and rough elbows so far, and I'm amazed at the difference! This is definitely one product I'm glad showed up in my Birchbox.
$37 at

Band-Aid Active Friction Block Stick
Okay, so maybe this isn't the sexiest beauty product, but it IS the most necessary. For all those shoes in your closet that you love to look at but hate to wear since they give you awful blisters ... well, blisters be GONE! A few rubs back and forth on your skin with this balm and you're protected all day long. I've tried it with straps that cut, rub and otherwise maim my feet and nary a mark in sight. I'm honestly shocked by how simple it's been to give a whole new life to my shoe closet.
$7 at

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