Friday, October 31, 2014

First Look Fridays Interview Series: Beauty Blogger Kathryne of TheFabZilla

First Look Fridays interview series, beauty blog, beauty blogger, The FabZilla
A few months ago, I discovered beauty blogger Kathryne of TheFabZilla. I quickly became entranced by her in-depth product reviews and her superb makeup tutorials (be sure to check out her recent Halloween series for proof of how awesome they are). I feel like every time I read her blog, I learn about a new product or makeup tip! It's quickly become one of my must reads on a daily basis. Keep reading to find out how Kathryne came up with the name of her blog, the makeup brush she can't live without and so much more.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?
I live in Hawaii with my husband (who understands my lipstick obsession) and English cocker spaniel who stays by my side every morning when I apply makeup. Before becoming a Registered Nurse, I used to work for different pharmaceutical companies as Product/Marketing Manager. I got exhausted with all the frequent traveling and almost nil work-life-balance so I revisited my BSN degree and pursued my inner calling.

How did you first become interested in beauty, and what led you to create your own blog?
I grew up with my grandma who loved red lipstick and perfectly coiffed hair! She was my very first influence to say the least. With that said, my fascination with all things beauty started way back in grade school, I think I was 10 when I had my first perm, ugh! My first beauty purchase was a M.A.C lipstick and we are talking mid 90s!

I started my blog (under a different name) in late 2010 because I needed to have an outlet while job hunting. That time, I was exposed to several blogs and Youtube, so I thought of starting my own beauty blog. After all I have friends who always ask me about makeups and whatnot.

I love the name of your blog! How did you come up with it?
That's a great question. Let's just say that being fabulous is a state of mind. You become what you perceive. Want to look fabulous? Believe it. Want to feel fabulous? Live it. Zilla is the mind (or alter ego) whose aim is to unleash the beauty or fab in you!

What are your top 5 favorite beauty products?
I go thru phases because I am constantly exposed to new products. However, these are beauty products I can't live without.

First Look Fridays interview series, beauty blog, beauty blogger, The FabZilla, Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer Firecracker, favorite beauty products
Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in Firecracker. The best orange red lipstick which commands attention from afar.

First Look Fridays interview series, beauty blog, beauty blogger, The FabZilla, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Diffused Light, favorite beauty products
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light. It's finely milled and doesn't settle into my pores.

First Look Fridays interview series, beauty blog, beauty blogger, The FabZilla, Sonia Kashuk makeup brush set, favorite beauty products
The crease brush from the Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition 15th Anniversary Brush Set. The shape and size are great for ladies with monolids like me.

First Look Fridays interview series, beauty blog, beauty blogger, The FabZilla, Charlote Tilbury Filmstar Killer Cheekbones Set, favorite beauty products
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Killer Cheekbones Set. It renders just the right amount of sheen and dimension.

First Look Fridays interview series, beauty blog, beauty blogger, The FabZilla, Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Cleansing System, favorite beauty products
Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Cleansing System. It gets rid of all makeup and preps my skin for my nighttime regimen.

What are your top 3 beauty tips?
1) Never leave home sans sunscreen, your skin will thank you later.

2) The easiest way to update your look is to try a new lip color. Go out of your comfort zone.

3) Take good care of your neck, it reveals your true age. Moisturize daily and apply sunscreen if need be.

Being a blogger must be fun, but what do you do in your spare time?
In my free time, I enjoy watching movies (foreign even if I need to read subtitles, horror -- especially zombies, thriller because I like unexpected twists), go to the beach, make accessories and shop!

In addition to your blog, how can The Beauty of Life readers find you on social media?
You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and Bloglovin.


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