Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My Recent Beauty Empties

I don't know what it is, exactly, but I love seeing all the beauty products my fellow bloggers use up. I've decided to get in on the trend of showing off what I've finished, too! These are all the products I've finished as of late. And I think it's pretty obvious what types of products I was into recently!

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner
In my world, you know a product is good when I buy and re-buy and re-buy. Well, this is that product. My hair is unbelievably tangly even when I use a mask and conditioner in the shower, so I always need to supplement with a leave-in conditioner. THIS IS MY HOLY GRAIL. A few spritzes and every single tangle is gone for good, without any greasiness or stickiness left behind. Honestly, I can't believe I lived so long without it.
$17 at

Bath & Body Works Ocean Melon & Mango and Wild Honeysuckle Shower Gels
So I may or may not have a Bath & Body Works shower gel problem. (I'm pretty sure I may.) I tend to buy a ton, especially because they always have sales, and then I fill up my shower with them. These were two scents I bought earlier in the year and then frantically tried to use up before my move to Los Angeles last week (more on that soon!). Both were fresh, clean and sweet without feeling cloying. I loved starting and ending my day in the shower with these.

Bath & Body Works Fresh Sparkling Snow Gentle Foaming Hand Soap
As you might be able to tell from the name, this was from last holiday. But, as with the Bath & Body Works shower gels, I tend to overbuy these foaming hand soaps when they're on promotion (which is always) and then use them up during the year. I loved how crisp this one smelled -- exactly like fresh packed snow. And the foaming hand soaps are pretty much my favorite thing in the world.

Tocca Cleopatra Bagno Profumato Body Wash
Ah, Cleopatra. My all-time favorite scent from Tocca. The combination of grapefruit and cucumber meld together to create something so intoxicating, I can't help but take deep breaths every time it surrounds me. This body wash was a true treat to myself and I used it sparingly for almost a year. I was devastated when I finally used it up.
$18 at

Philosophy Almond Glazed 3-in-1
Are you sensing a theme here? I pretty much only used up shower gels for the entire last few months. I bought this one at Nordstrom on a whim and have to say it's one of the best purchases I've made in quite some time. This was another one that I was very sad to see the end of, since it was unbelievably sweet and rich. I really didn't want to let it go!

What are some of the products you've used up recently? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I'm jealous of all your shower gels! I've gotta make a trip to BBW though the Tocca sounds divine

  2. That Tocca shower gel sounds amazing. I love cucumber and grapefruit scents so this sounds right up my alley!

  3. Lovely empties! I have a sample of Tocca Cleopatra that I am hoarding and using very slowly. It's not my usual fragrance but I love it, so much. I wear it on very special occasions. The Soy Tri Wheat is good stuff!

  4. You can't go wrong with the Philosophy washes. They're always awesome.

  5. I overbuy hand soaps too lol especially in those LE scents! We go through them fast though because of the kids.

  6. LOVE empties! I stopped buying B&BW hand soaps and body washes for that exact reason, I never went through them!

  7. It's easy to overbuy with temptation sales. You do love your smell good items! I finished a shower scrub last week and was so proud of myself.

  8. I love reading empties post, it keeps me grounded, haha

  9. I got a sample of Tocca Cleopatra and LOVE it! Once I run out, I'll definitely repurchase.

  10. I have so many recent bath and body empties too. I need that Tocca body wash in my shower!

  11. Nice job finishing up your shower gels! I love Empties posts!

  12. I have gone through a few of that Leave in Conditioner over the years and I still have a bottle that this post reminds me I must use up. Oh.... that Tocca Body Wash sounds amazing.

  13. Almond Philosophy? I can imagine that it was amazing! I'm so close to finishing a Cherry Italian Soda one but I kind of don't want it to be gone.



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