Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Face the Music: Bliss Facials with Emilia

Ladies, listen up! I have discovered the best aesthetician this side of the Atlantic, Pacific or anywhere else you can think of. No stranger to facials, massages, waxing and everything else in between, I recently put myself in the hands of a total stranger for a facial. I'll admit it, I was a bit apprehensive at first -- let's face it, trying a new treatment is always scary, especially when it involves sensitive skin in an area everyone sees on a daily basis! But I had no need to worry. I sauntered into Bliss 57 late last week for a Bliss Basic Facial appointment with Emilia, resident aesthetician and, in this girl's eyes, a complete miracle worker.

Amenities of Bliss spas aside (comfortable lounge with brownies, cheese and crackers, lemonade and tea! amazing showers with Bliss products! some even have steam rooms!), this was one of my all-time favorite treatment experiences. Emilia and I had a quick consultation and then she got down to business -- spreading all sorts of yummy-scented masks and creams on my face with the utmost precision and care. Extractions weren't the most wonderful-feeling, but it's a good kind of pain -- hey, at least you know your pores will look better in the end! Best of all, Emilia is so knowledgeable about skin and what you can do on your own to make sure you look incredible!

This baby doesn't come cheap -- it's $100 for 60 minutes -- but that's a total bargain when you factor in all the afore-mentioned amenities, and of course, Emilia's dedication to making your skin look absolutely amazing! And it doesn't hurt that neck, shoulder, arm and foot massages are included.

Take this beauty chick's advice and do yourself a favor -- add in the optional Hair Dew treatment ($35), which includes acupressure with scalp-sloughing essential oils and conditioning cream that's left on throughout your facial, leaving your hair so soft and silky afterwards you'll be completely amazed. All that being said, I think I found my facialist for life! Check out treatments at Bliss's website and see for yourself!

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