Friday, February 15, 2008

Something Seems Fishy: The Fish Pedicure

Now, I am all for trying out new spa treatments. I've been buffed, bronzed, massaged, poked, prodded and facialed with the best of them. But when I stumbled upon this article -- originally found on my fellow beauty blogger Christina's page, Bon Bons in the Bath -- I literally gasped aloud in fear and my stomach flip-flopped. Apparently there are spas throughout the world, especially in Kuala Lumpur and throughout Turkey, called fish spas ... and while there, you stick your feet into a tank of fish who nibble off your dead skin. Tell me -- what ever happened to the good, old-fashioned way of exfoliating? Namely a pumice stone, some good sugar scrub and following that up with some rich shea-butter-infused lotion? I am seriously disturbed by this. This beauty chick is definitely going to stick with normal spa treatments. But tell me -- would you ever try this? Let me know in the comments!


  1. haha OMG disturbing indeed! Ugly Betty did an episode with Wilamina getting a pedi with these fishes! I thought it was just make believe but I can't believe it actually exists!!

  2. yeah, it's totally weird plus i'm ticklish!! I can never sit and let some fishes nibble away at me. Apparently it's rather famous in Singapore and in Asia and South East Asia regions too. Check out, it seems Ramen is a new spa fad in Japan :P

  3. Yeah I think I would try it. Definitely something different!

  4. Livy, you're brave! I'm too chicken to test this out.



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