Monday, March 10, 2008

All That And The Kitchen Sink: The Bliss Sinkside Six-Pack

Bliss, Bliss Sinkside Six-Pack, Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter, Bliss Lemon + Sage Soapy Sap, Bliss Lemon + Sage Supershine Shampoo
I am a sucker for beauty gift sets. Package up any product and you'll probably see me lusting after it. But my current obsession? It's none other than the Bliss Sinkside Six-Pack.

Already a huge fan of Bliss's skincare, bath and body products, I was totally psyched to discover this plastic pouch simply chock-full of wonderful surprises! As the name may suggest, six of the brand's most fantastic products -- the very same ones used by the very lucky W Hotel guests -- have been shrunken to complete this adorable set, all packaged handily into a waterproof plastic tote. And lucky for me, they're all created in my favorite Lemon+Sage scent (except for the Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, which has a, well, fabulously fruity aroma!).

You'll find the afore-mentioned face wash in addition to the following:

Lemon+Sage Body Butter
Lemon+Sage Soapy Sap
Lemon+Sage Supershine Shampoo
Lemon+Sage Conditioning Rinse

All come in handy-dandy little 1 oz. sizes. And if you love the Lemon+Sage Soap Slab, you're in luck -- it's here too in a totally adorable 1.8 oz. size! These products are unbelievable in any shape or form, and I definitely counted myself lucky to have them with me on my recent trip to Paris. (Take that, airport security!)

The Bliss Sinkside Six-Pack retails for $28 at

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