Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wallet-Friendly Wednesdays: Sephora by OPI

Sephora, Sephora by OPI, OPI, nail polishFifty-four shades of polish? Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Luckily, the new Sephora by OPI collection -- launching this month at Sephora stores and -- is totally unbelievable both in sheer number of shades and in the actual hues they've created.

Sheer. Opaque. Light. Dark. The collection has something for everybody, from shimmery reds to glittery blacks, creamy grays to sparkly pinks. (See a selection of the colors at left.) And best of all? They all ring up at under $10 -- $9, to be exact. I love the thick rubber tops, which are super-easy to grab and hold while brushing the color onto your nails. The bottles are a tad difficult to open the first time -- they must have been sealed with the utmost precision -- but a teensy bit of struggle is so worth it once you get to the shades within.

Sephora, Sephora by OPI, OPI, nail polish
My total fave is definitely Metro Chic. This shade is an interesting mix of gray and purple that glides on creamily and easily, leaving no streak marks and lasting forever. (Case in point: After nine days, my polish was still relatively chip-free and even still looked as though I'd painted it on a day or two earlier!)

Keep watching Sephora's website to see when the collection launches. It should be soon -- and trust me, you'll want to stock up!

Thanks to Beauty and the Blog for the photos!


  1. I cannot wait for these to come out. I am so lemming the Metro Chic. I have my name down on the call sheet at my Sephora for them to let me know the *minute* it gets in the store.

  2. It should be fairly soon! I have it on good authority that the release is August, so hopefully you'll get your Metro Chic before you know it!