Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer's Best Citrus Products: Archipelago Botanicals Pink Grapefruit Mini Diffuser & Votive Set

From big, juicy oranges to tangy lemons and limes, summer means one thing to me -- citrus-scented products. Discover all of my favorites in this series!

I'll admit that in the past I really didn't understand the point of a diffuser. Why not just light a candle? But when I discovered the Archipelago Botanicals Pink Grapefruit Mini Diffuser and Votive Set, my life was forever changed ... because this set has the best of both worlds! A diffuser and a candle are delicately nestled in a beautiful box -- but that's the least of the amazingness.

I'm totally enamored of the gorgeous scent. It's crisp and fresh -- and the diffuser lets out the constant aroma of grapefruit without feeling at all overpowering. It's amazing to me that cedar sticks dipped inside a jar filled with fragrant water can let out such a powerful scent -- but they do! I'm now a total diffuser convert.

Unfortunately this product is no longer available.

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