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Salon and Spa Directory: bluemercury

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I've long been a fan of bluemercury. Their product selection can't be beat, their store associates are always incredibly nice and helpful, and shopping in any of their stores is akin to the feeling I get when I visit a spa. So, it goes without saying that an actual visit to the bluemercury spa on the Upper East Side was one of my favorites thus far.

From the moment I stepped into the store, I was treated like royalty. Both the store associates and my aesthetician, Monique, could not have been friendlier or more willing to ensure I had a fabulous experience from start to finish. After changing into my robe and slippers, I was ushered into a cozy treatment room for my hour-long facial.

I experienced the Limited Edition You Glow Girl M-61 Facial. And I have to say, this facial rivaled the Triple Oxygen Treatment at Bliss! An hour on the table and my skin was refreshed, hydrated and smooth as a baby's bottom.

This facial uses M-61 products, which were created by the co-founder of bluemercury, Marla Beck. It involves everything you might expect from a typical facial -- cleansing, exfoliating, extractions (which Monique did with such gentle fingers, I barely even noticed them happening), multiple creams and serums, a face massage, the works. Plus, all of the products are infused with Vitamin C, which works to brighten the skin. Four things really stood out to me about the treatment:

1) The mask used during the facial was the M-61 Fast Blast Mask. And, not to mention Bliss twice, but it is very similar to the Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask. It begins to foam upon application to the skin, and in just a few minutes, you're completely radiant!

2) Near the beginning of the facial, Monique applied the M-61 Power Pro-Peel to my skin. I have to admit that I was a bit worried about the peel before she applied it, as I've had some negative reactions to peels in the past. But Monique assured me that it would be safe for my skin and she would take good care of me ... and she was right! She left it on for about two minutes, in which time it tingled and buzzed, and -- you guessed it -- brought radiance and life back to my dehydrated skin.

3) While the mask was working its magic, Monique gave me an upper body massage. It was honestly so amazing that I drifted off for a few minutes! Her strokes were even and sure, and she successfully kneaded all of the pressure out of my upper back, shoulders and neck. It was definitely a lovely addition to an already fabulous treatment.

4) The facial finishes with an oxygen blast, which is supposed to leave you with a youthful glow. Well, it certainly did! I looked at least five years younger than I had the hour before, and I'm fairly certain this finishing touch had something to do with it.

The Limited Edition You Glow Girl M-61 Facial will be available at all bluemercury locations throughout the month of December for $95. For information on all of the various treatments Bluemercury has to offer and to find the location nearest you, visit

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