Monday, March 25, 2013

Salon and Spa Directory: The Bliss 24-"Heaven" Body Treatment

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When I walked into Bliss over the weekend, my entire body was screaming for a little TLC. The sudden 30-degree drop in temperature over the past week, not to mention many hours sitting on planes, left my skin feeling dry, dehydrated and raw from head to toe. Enter the Bliss 24-"Heaven" Body Treatment.

To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect when I walked into the "wet room" for my treatment -- which is typically done for people with eczema, psoriasis, dryness and sun damage. I knew it would be incredible, of course, since all Bliss treatments are! But my therapist, Catherine, really went above and beyond. The treatment was divided into the following four parts:

1) After slipping into the disposable bra and undies that are provided and laying down on the Mylar-covered table, Catherine began to massage a concoction of oatmeal, milk, honey and the 24-"Heaven" Body Balm into my skin. Her assured, even strokes sent me into mind-melting bliss (see what I did there?) and I swear, I could already feel my skin starting to soften up.

2) When I was doused from head to toe in the sweet-smelling goodness, Catherine wrapped me up in the Mylar and a TON of towels for 20 minutes so the balm could really do its work. While I was lying on the table, more snug than a swaddled baby, Catherine gave me the Hair Dew treatment (a moisturizing treatment for your hair that smells divine and makes your tresses feel INCREDIBLE).

3) And then the real fun began. Over the table is a Vichy shower with multiple showerheads that rain down on you. Catherine kept repositioning them as she rinsed off my skin, but throughout the 10 minutes, I was constantly covered in a massaging rain shower. Not only did it relax and rejuvenate me, but I decided I NEED to install one of these in my home someday.

4) The treatment finished with a rubdown of the 24-"Heaven" Body Balm into my skin for long-lasting hydration. Catherine even packaged up a little takeaway tub of the balm for me so I could continue to feel its effects after showering!

Now, I've had treatments before that promise to hydrate your skin. And, while they usually do work, I only see the effects until my next shower. Not so with the 24-"Heaven" Body Treatment. I've showered four times since, and the softness and smoothness are still going strong! Even my hands, which were cracked and raw before the treatment, are now softer than a baby's bottom with no cracking, redness or peeling in sight. I really am amazed at how thorough the treatment is and how long the effects last. I can't stop running my hands over my arms and legs to experience how soft they are to the touch!

The Bliss 24-"Heaven" Body Treatment is $155 for 60 minutes at Bliss spas. To find a location and book an appointment, visit


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