Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Salon and Spa Directory: Strip: Ministry of Waxing

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Painless wax? I honestly thought that concept was a myth until I stepped into Strip: Ministry of Waxing.

Now, let's be honest -- waxing just isn't fun. It's something we do, of course, and we want to find a place that makes us feel comfortable and does a good job. But it usually HURTS. And you're stuck in a little white room that looks and feels like a whole heck of a lot like a doctor's office.

Well, at Strip, those notions just go right out the window. The treatment rooms have fun Jackson Pollock-esque abstract art on the walls, cubbyholes for your belongings, Strip's philosophies scrawled across the ceilings, and even little squeezy monkeys to hold onto during the session.

But the REAL reason to come here? The waxing. I made sure not to take any aspirin beforehand, so I'd really know the full extent of the pain. There. Was. NONE. And I got the XXXX Strip ($85), which means there was quite a bit of removal going on. My waxing specialist, Elena, expertly removed every single hair with the ultimate precision and an eagle eye. The whole session took around 25 minutes, and when we were done? Not a single hair remained, and I hadn't been encouraged to shed even one single tear.

For more information about Strip: Ministry of Waxing and to book an appointment, visit strip-usa.com.

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