Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fade to Cool: Sephora Ombre Seamless Hair Ties

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I've had long hair for quite some time now ... but, for some reason, I still don't ever FEEL like I've got it. I'm stuck in the mindset of having a bob! But one of my favorite things now is to make sure I have tons of ponytail holders at the ready, usually in lots of different colors. And if they don't snag my strands or leave weird ridges? Even better. Enter Sephora Ombre Seamless Hair Ties.

I love the texture of these ponytail holders -- it's different than any others I've come across. I don't really like the satin ties that are so popular as of late, and the skinnier circular ones don't really hold my hair all that well. These are not only chic in color (who doesn't want six color coordinated ponytail holders?), but the soft ribbed fabric is sophisticated and doesn't tug at my tresses.

I own two different sets of these ponytail holders -- the Purple and the Pink -- and I am, in a word, obsessed. I carry them EVERYWHERE and I leave them all over my house and desk at work so I'm always prepared for a ponytail moment! Plus, they really make me want to pull out my The New Black Ombre Nail Set again.

Sephora Ombre Seamless Hair Ties retail for $9 at sephora.com.

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