Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Salon and Spa Directory: Spa Nordstrom at South Coast Plaza

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Back in February, I took a trip to Los Angeles to visit my old roommate and very dear friend, Todd. We spent a day at Disneyland, had burgers at In-N-Out, hung out by the pool ... you know, everything you're supposed to do in LA. And, of course, I simply had to visit a spa while I was in town. I took some time out to get a pedicure at Spa Nordstrom at South Coast Plaza.

I had been curious about Spa Nordstrom for quite some time, so I was beyond excited to finally have the chance to visit one. I chose the Grapefruit Ice Pedicure for two reasons:

1) It sounded refreshing and rejuvenating.
2) My feet were in desperate need of some pampering.

The Grapefruit Ice pedicure includes a therapeutic aromatherapy foot soak, a smoothing foot and leg exfoliation, and of course the pedicure! My nail technician was super sweet and incredibly thorough in clipping, buffing, exfoliating and polishing. The service is supposed to take an hour but actually went a little over since she paid so much attention to detail! The spa had a ton of Essie nail polishes to choose from ... to be perfectly honest, I don't remember which exact one I chose, but I know it was red for Valentine's Day. (I know I'm an awful beauty blogger and nail polish fanatic for not remembering!)

The spa itself is GORGEOUS. Each pedicure station is massive, so you don't feel like you're sitting on top of anyone or don't have enough room to put your purse. The space is pristine and calming, and everyone who works there is incredibly friendly and accommodating.

My favorite part was definitely the exfoliation, which was done with a mixture of grapefruit and walnut shells. I was forewarned that it was not only cooling, but incredibly tingly -- and that the effects would continue for at least an hour afterward. I didn't really believe it, but WOW -- my legs felt cold and tingly for about 2 hours! I was definitely glad to get the warning so I didn't think there was something wrong with my legs.

In short? You should go feet first toward the pedicures at Spa Nordstrom!

And yes, this is Todd and me wearing matching Mickey Mouse sweatshirts at Disneyland. We're awesome, we know.

For more information about Spa Nordstrom and to book an appointment at any of the locations throughout the U.S., visit nordstrom.com.

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