Monday, August 11, 2014

#ManiMonday: The American Eagle Outfitters BTS 2014 Nail Color Collection

I have a treat for you today! As some of you may know, I am the Copy Director for American Eagle Outfitters. This involves a lot of different projects on a day to day basis, but one of my favorites is naming the nail polishes we create each season. It's the perfect blend of my writing background and my passion/love/obsession for all things beauty. Our BTS 2014 Nail Color Collection (BTS = Back To School, in case you were wondering) is chock full of rich, gorgeous nail polish colors that were so fun to name. Check out the entire collection below -- and be sure to visit the American Eagle Outfitters blog for a post I wrote about some of the colors and how they inspired a pretty fun outfit, too!

Into The Blue is a deep opaque cobalt. The color is very similar to Essie Bouncer, It's Me! from the Neons 2013 Collection, though it applies more glossy and less matte/rubbery. Seen here with two coats.

Shining Sea is a true teal shot through with a blend of yellow gold and turquoise shimmer. This is one of those colors that will make people stop and stare at your nails on the street! It applies pretty opaquely in one coat, though I did two for complete coverage. I love how much it glitters and sparkles on the nail.

Olive Branch is, as you may have guessed, an opaque olive. It's the perfect fall manicure color -- chic, sexy and utterly sophisticated.

Perfectly Pink is a very pretty coral/bright pink hybrid. As you can see from the photo, the texture is a bit more matte and rubbery than some of the others in this collection. One coat was EXTREMELY matte, while two became a bit glossier. This is a great color for summer pedicures!

Black Diamond is, hands down, my favorite color in this collection. I absolutely love the scattered, different sized particles of black and white glitter. The combination of bar, hexagonal and micro glitters is so unique. This is one of those colors that looks equally perfect on its own or layered over a creme like Into The Blue. It's so incredible, in fact, that when I first pulled it out at work, the entire social media team and I immediately painted our nails with it. Seen here with two coats.

Mesmerizing Midnight is a deep, shimmering deep bluish purple. It's a fairly arresting shade, and, while not necessarily groundbreaking, is definitely a nice one for fall. Two coats went on easily and creamily.

Stop And Sparkle is a mulberry-colored glitter. As you can see from this photo, it applies sparsely, so multiple coats are necessary for complete coverage. This is three coats. I'm usually not a fan of glitters like this as they're so difficult to cover the nail and are even tougher to remove, but this one was actually pretty easy on both counts.

Tangerine Dream is the perfect neon orange. Slightly matte on the first coat, rubbery and gorgeous on the second coat. I've come to really love orange nail polishes in the past couple of summers, and I'm definitely planning on putting this one in my permanent rotation.

Twilight Shimmer is a deep purple base with purple and turquoise glitter particles. I expected this to apply like Stop And Sparkle, but it actually applied and removed like a shimmer rather than a glitter. This is only two coats and it's absolutely perfect. I love the dense coverage and the rich, jewel-like tone.

White Now is the all-white version of Black Diamond. And, much like Black Diamond, I am in love. I think two coats, as seen here, are so unbelievably awesome on their own. It's a great new take on the classic white manicure. The way the bar, hexagonal and micro glitters combine makes the designs look like constellations!

The American Eagle Outfitters BTS 2014 Nail Color Collection is available in select AEO stores nationwide. Each color retails for $7.95. Find your nearest store at


  1. you get to NAME the colors?? That's every polish-aholic's dream!!!

  2. Shining Sea is my absolute favorite, that is so gorgeous. Also, I'm totally jealous of your job!! :)

  3. What a lovely colors! I especially like Shining Sea. And naming polishes for a job?! Awesomeeee!

  4. I've heard such nice things about AE polishes! That blue is gorgeous. I'm curious if it stains? That is AWESOME that you get to name the polishes! How long do you have to come up with these names?

  5. Oh wow I didn't know AE made polishes!

  6. I love Into The Blue, so pretty!

  7. I don't think I can choose which polishes I like most!

  8. Black Diamond and White Now for the win!

  9. Holy cow! You are so awesome! I NEED Black Diamond!