Monday, September 1, 2014

#ManiMonday: Deborah Lippmann Maniac from the Summer 2014 80's Rewind Collection

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There are some nail polishes that just grab you immediately. The colors that draw you in and leave you mesmerized. That's how I feel about Deborah Lippmann Maniac.

Maniac is one of the colors from the Summer 2014 80's Rewind Collection. Each color is named after a song from the 80's (like Don't Stop Believin', a spectacular bright orange. Do yourself a favor and buy the entire collection, since they're all spectacular. But the one that really holds my heart is Maniac.

This nail polish can best be described as an intensely bright grape creme. It yields perfect, even, opaque color in two coats. In short? It's that color that will make you stare at your nails over and over, ogling its beauty, because it's just that perfect.

What's on your nails this week? Let me know in the comments!

Deborah Lippmann Maniac retails for $18 at

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