Monday, November 17, 2014

#ManiMonday: Chanel Blue Rebel

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I traveled to Israel earlier this year. On my way there, I had a layover in the Madrid airport. Now, I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but that airport has pretty much THE BEST DUTY FREE BEAUTY STORE EVER. We're talking Dior, YSL, Guerlain ... you name the high end beauty brand, you'll find it. And it may come as no surprise to anyone that I made a direct beeline for the Chanel nail polish. Once I laid eyes on Chanel Blue Rebel, I knew it had to be mine. Immediately.

Blue Rebel was one of the colors from the highly coveted Les Jeans de Chanel Collection back in 2011. I missed out on it then and I was NOT about to let it get away from me again! So, even though my trip hadn't even begun yet (and who knew what other souvenirs I might want to pick up in Israel), I marched myself right to the checkout counter. (You may remember that I also bought Blue Boy during this venture. My mind is nothing if not singular when it comes to Chanel nail polishes.)

Well, suffice it to say I am THRILLED that I finally own this stunner of a nail polish. Blue Rebel can be best classified as a deep navy creme with grey undertones. It's perfect, rich and glossy in two coats. It's definitely a color that looks beautiful on short, rounded nails for fall and winter.

I am honestly so happy I picked this color up. I feel like stopping in Madrid was meant to be! I was so sad when I missed out on purchasing this and Blue Boy the first time around, so it feels like fate that I stumbled upon them a few months ago.

What's on your nails right now? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I really like the grey undertones. Makes it feel cool, like a cloudy winter day

  2. What a gorgeous shade! Can you believe I have never tried Chanel polish?! Some day

  3. I'm wearing Illamasqua Melange right now! This Chanel shade looks lovely on you.

  4. What a truly gorgeous shade! It feels perfect for the cool weather, and the season in general! I love it! It looks beautiful on you! :-)

  5. I love this shade, it is a great Fall blue!

  6. Just when I think I have every Chanel polish I want... ugh. It's so pretty.

  7. Gorgeous shade! I'm currently wearing Clinique Black Honey.

  8. this is such a pretty polish. The color is really nice.



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