Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Top 6 Current Beauty Obsessions (and Miracle Workers)

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I try a lot of beauty products. A LOT. At any given time, my apartment pretty much just looks like the inside of Sephora or Ulta combined. And, while I have my tried and true favorites, I definitely expand my beauty horizons fairly frequently. Right now, these are the six products I simply can't get enough of.

Dermalogica Breakout Control
Natural antibacterial agents, tea tree, zinc sulfate and colloidal silver all combine to eliminate bacteria and stop acne in its tracks. Seriously, a couple nights with this cooling white gel on a pesky pimple and it DISAPPEARS. Even the really tough, deep under the surface ones. Plus, it doesn't dry out the skin like a lot of products with salicylic acid tend to (though I make sure to load up on the serum and moisturizer whenever I have to break out this baby).
$46 at

Benefit Roller Lash Super-Curling & Lifting Mascara
I didn't really know how much I would love this mascara before I tried it. My best friend said it was incredible, and I definitely trust her opinion, but I just have such a longstanding love affair with M.A.C Haute & Naughty (seriously, I must have bought this mascara at least five times). Then I bought this little unassuming tube ... and my life changed forever. That may be melodramatic, but it's completely true. The patented Hook-n-Roll brush curls, lengthens, separates, volumizes ... seriously, it does it ALL. And in just one coat! Every time I've worn this recently, not only have I gotten compliments on how amazing my lashes look, but they HIT MY GLASSES. The ultimate test for whether a mascara passes my lengthening test!
$24 at

Fekkai Rose Fraiche Hair Fragrance Mist
You know those days when your hair just needs a little extra love? When you probably should wash it but you just don't feel like it? Well, that's where this miraculous little bottle comes in handy. The rose scent is just enough to give your tresses a little refresher without feeling overpowering or overwhelming (or competing with your fragrance of choice). I've taken to spritzing it all around me before I leave in the morning (or before a night out) and it just gives my whole attitude a little extra kick.
$20 at

NARS Brow Gel in Oural
I don't know about you, but my brows have a tendency to go, well, EVERYWHERE. Enter this little tube of awesomeness. NARS brow gel, how am I just discovering you? A few swipes across my brows with this clear gel and they stay in place ALL. DAY. LONG. Plus it doesn't flake or clump like some other brow gels tend to. I love the brush, too, which looks just like a mascara brush. Your brows will thank you for bringing this little gem into their life.
$23 at

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24Hour Eyeshadow in Seashore Frosts
I am admittedly not a regular eyeshadow wearer. But when I DO wear eyeshadow, as of late, I turn to my trusted Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows (like Bold Gold, for example). Seashore Frosts is a holographic shimmery sky blue/purple hybrid that is just so utterly, unbelievably gorgeous it kind of hurts. This is that color that will have everyone -- guys and girls alike -- stopping you to say how much they love your eye makeup.
$13.99 at

Bach Rescue Sleep Liquid Melts
I've never taken an Ambien. It's rare that I take Tylenol PM or even a Benadryl. I just really don't like to mess with my sleep patterns. But in the case of these little capsules -- which, once they dissolve on your tongue, taste like oranges -- I'm making an exception. Every time I pop one (which is only three times, don't get worried about me like Zach was worried about Jessie or anything), my sleep is calm, dream free and uninterrupted for around 8 hours. It's glorious.
$10 at


  1. I think I may return the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Rose Riot and exchange it for Seashore Frosts if i can find it. Rose Riot is so pretty in the tub but it is sooooo sheer when applied. You are definitely making me want to try the new Benefit mascara though I have so much mascara already!

  2. Oooooh, such nice picks, Jamie! Rescue Sleep sounds perfect for those nights that you really need restful sleep! The Fekkai hair fragrance sounds DIVINE!

  3. I have to try the new Benefit mascara! Unfortunately Dermalogica Breakout Control didn't work on my terrible acne :(

  4. I have heard some positive and so so reviews on that Benefit Mascara... I think I may try it because I love They're Real and I think the brand overall is nice. :) Love RESCUE products. :D

  5. That Fekkai Rose Fraiche Hair Fragrance Mist sounds dreamy!

  6. I would love to try Fekkai hair mist because I love all things rose-scented

  7. I seriously need to get my hands on Roller Lash. I love Benefit mascaras!

  8. I must try that hair fragrance mist! Being that I have curly/naturally dry hair I try to only wash mine twice a week. This mist would really help on those days that I need an extra "boost"! Also, I definitely want to try that mascara. I got a birthday sample of Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant from Sephora which I really like, but I am always looking for new mascaras! Thanks for the recommendations :)

  9. I read a little blurb in a magazine about the Fekkai hair fragrances, they sound really interesting!