Friday, December 4, 2009

Salon and Spa Directory: Dermalogica microZone

Dermalogica, Dermalogica Concept Space, microZone, face mapping, Dermalogica microZone, Dermalogica Face Mapping, skin, skincare, skin care, facial, face, Dermalogica Soho, Dermalogica New YorkYesterday I had the pleasure of experiencing the Dermalogica microZone at the Dermalogica Concept Space in SoHo. What is the microZone, you may ask? This 20-minute treatment provides on-the-spot solutions for seven various skincare concerns. After the very talented and skilled and talented skin therapists analyze your skin, they can recommend the best possible service to treat any problems you may have.

The seven services include:

Flash exfoliation (to resurface, smooth and brighten the skin)
Eye rescue (to brighten, firm and revitalize the skin)
Lip renewal (to smooth your smile)
Blackhead relief (to clear and prevent breakouts)
Rapid spot clearing (to speed up breakout recovery)
Hand repair (to heal rough hands)
Men’s skin fitness (to resolve shaving issues)

How effective can one of these treatments be in just 20 minutes, you may ask? I’m here to tell you they WORK. I first experienced Dermalogica Face Mapping (a 10-minute process in which my therapist lightly touched all 14 unique zones in my face to discover the various problem areas, diagnose skin concerns and prescribe appropriate products). I have to admit I was fairly scared to try this, but there was no need -- it's not at all invasive and it was actually very informative. I learned so much about the various products that would work for my skin type and how to treat the problems I've been experiencing (dryness, oiliness, you name it, my skin has been going through it recently!). My therapist then deemed the blackhead relief treatment the one that would be the best for my skin. Yes, fellow beauty chicks, I am prone to blackheads!

After settling into the very comfortable leather recliner, I was treated to an oxygen steam and face massage. My therapist then applied PreCleanse, a cleansing oil that dissolves unsightly debris and preps the skin. Multiple masks, cleansers and exfoliators were next applied before she performed a series of deep extractions on my nose and chin. Yes, they were a touch painful – but I didn’t mind as I knew my therapist was really working to clear out the troubled areas! She finished by applying a spot treatment to those areas before massaging in an eye cream and spritzing the delightfully refreshing Multi-Active Toner all over my face.

At the end of the 20 minutes, I couldn’t believe how amazing my skin looked! It was bright, clear and glowing like it hadn’t in so long. And for just 20 minutes, that’s pretty impressive!

The Dermalogica microZone is $35. For more information, visit

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