Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Salon and Spa Directory: Skin Chaperone

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The words "gorgeous glow" don't even begin to cover how amazing my skin looked when I left Skin Chaperone. Dewy, radiant -- they come a little closer. Interestingly enough, I go way back with Skin Chaperone's founder, Misha Yomtovian. We went to elementary school together and recently reconnected at a gig for my brother's band, Love in Stockholm! So I was beyond thrilled to have the chance to check out her medispa, which is actually located inside my doctor's office. The world with Misha and me just keeps getting smaller.

There was much to love about my treatment with Misha. But my favorite aspect was that it was completely customized to my skin type and concerns. I visited Skin Chaperone during the height of winter, so my skin was unbelievably dehydrated -- large flakes were visible even after moisturizing, exfoliating and using my Clarisonic! There are five offerings to choose from here: Revive, Hydrate, Brighten, Smooth and Repair. After a thorough analysis of my skin, Misha decided to perform a combination of Revive and Hydrate and do both a chemical peel and oxygen treatment.

Now, I'm not going to lie -- I was a bit anxious about the peel. I've had some peels in the past that did not treat my skin very well, and in fact left it looking and feeling worse than it had previously. But Misha put me at ease, reassuring me that the peel was very light and just meant to help hydrate the skin and increase cellular turnover. She did mention that I would feel a slight tingling or even a touch of burning, which was normal, but to let her know if the burning ever became too unbearable. (It didn't -- on a scale of 1-10, I'd put the highest level at about a 6.) The entire peel only lasted for about five minutes, which, in the grand scheme of things, really isn't so long when the results are so fantastic!

And then came the oxygen treatment. I've had oxygen treatments before, but NEVER one as meticulous and long in duration as this one! Misha spent about 25 minutes on this part of the treatment, bringing the machine over my face continuously to really ensure that levels of hydration would return to normal. I also appreciated that Misha really took the time to treat my skin and inform me about each step of the process -- I gained such insight into the mechanics of bringing my skin back to glory!

The treatment also included cleansing, exfoliating, painless extractions (really, Misha has a miracle touch!) and a facial massage with a hydrating balm. When all was said and done, I honestly couldn't believe the difference in my skin. Gone was the dryness, gone was the dehydration, gone were the flakes. In their place was a soft, smooth expanse I hadn't seen in months.

For more information about Skin Chaperone and to book an appointment, visit skinchaperone.com.


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